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The Brand

We saw that there was room for improvement in terms of - design, style and comfort in kids clothing as most of it were shrunken versions of adult clothing. 

Our solution – PILOLO – clothing with a dash of fun, a pinch of style and so much comfort.

PILOLO is different!

Kids can now experience clothes that are comfortable to wear, that has child-centered creations like pockets on dresses, shirts, skirts and t-shirts that makes childhood sweeter, a lot of color that adds style and gives kids the freedom to play and to rest. 

At the heart of PILOLO is the need to be creative and come up with new ideas. We want our brand, the clothes we design and how we talk about them to be unique. As we grow, we hope to offer newer styles, sillier creations and child-approved clothing to our kid clothing repetoire, not follow the crowd, and become a preferred kid’s clothing brand. 

We’re unique

PILOLO clothes are made for all day comfort - for playground adventures and naptime dreams. 

Staying Silly
PILOLO clothes lets your kids be kids, be it a silly adventure or nonstop fun. Our clothes move with your kids’ imagination and allows them to dress for giggles and goofiness. 


PILOLO’s unique feature are pockets in every clothes. Yes, every piece of clothing has pockets in them - be it a t-shirt, a dress, a shirt or a pair of shorts. Kids can carry their hearts, their treasures and their little knick-knacks wherever they go, making our clothes a memorable part of their childhood. 

We’ve created a sizing system to create comfortable clothing for all kids, regardless of what gender they are, without any restrictions. Our clothes allow kids to be kids, they can play freely and comfortably no matter what they wear. 

PILOLO clothes are perfect to be used in all seasons, either on its own, or layered with other clothing. They are made with a super soft, stretchy material that breathes and moves with your little one.

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We would love for the brand to go places, and hope people give it the love it needs.



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